Accountancy -1 and Bege 101

Topics: Question, Word, Sentence Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: February 17, 2013
(Based on Blocks 1-7)
Course Code: BEG-01/BEGE-101
Maximum Marks: 100
I . State the distinguishing
features of Literature as a mode of language use by citing examples and discussing them' 450 words (You may give the source) (20)
3. Make four words using the prefix'un' as 'unlikely''
4. Explain the words in the italics as to who they refer to (3)
(i) Anu is an impatient listener. she istoo eager to react when told anything' (ii)
are not aware of IGNOU website' said Akash to Sachin, otherwise you would not have asked examination related issues' Sachin agreed that he did not know.
5. Give the meanings of the phrasal verbs used in the following sentences' (5)
(D I came across the problem while driving'
(ii) You can't
just butt inwhen other people are talking'
(iii) I stand by mY word.
(iv) The children were looked after well'
(v) I want to sit at home to bring up my child'
6. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: My black, furry poodle, Totor, is a real problem to me. Ever since I bought him from a pet shop, he has caused me nothing but trouble. However,I do like him because he has such a charming, lively personality. Butthis liveliness is also the source of my problem,

it leads him to do the most dreadful things' For
instance, he hops up on the kitchen table and eats a whole bread. Then he chews the caps off the milk bottles and drinks all the cream. And he is always stealing shoes and chewing them apart. Nevertheless, he is worth it because I have learned how to outfox him-much of the time.

(D Who is being talked about in the passage?
(ii) Describe the passage in your own words'
(iii) Make sentences with connecting words and phrases in italics. (iv) What does 'I have learned how to outfox him' mean?
7. Write a passage using rhetorical devices...
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