Accident Prevention Manual

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Public Works and Services Safety Program


2002 Public Works and Services Government of the Northwest Territories Box 1320 Yellowknife NT X1A 2L9 Canada

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1. PWS Safety Policy

PWS is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions and to promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health. Department managers will work actively with employees and contractors to identify and correct unsafe or unhealthy working conditions and practices. PWS recognizes that workplace safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone is responsible for the prevention of accidents.

PWS Accident Prevention

September 2002 Page 1

2. Principles

1. Workplace safety is a joint responsibility of management and employees at all levels. 2. An effective accident prevention program must be clearly defined, monitored and enforced. 3. The accident prevention program must change and improve over time. 4. Managers must make sure we follow the Safety Act and Regulations and make sure that working conditions are as safe as possible for employees. 5. Employees must not act in ways that put health and safety in danger. 6. Employees have the right to refuse work that is not safe for themselves or others. 7. Managers must identify and provide training needed by employees to do their jobs safely. 8. Contractors working for the department must provide a safe working place and follow the Safety Act and Regulations. 9. Employees have the right to be told of work situations that may be a danger to their health or safety.

PWS Accident Prevention

September 2002 Page 2

3. General Safety Rules

Our goal is to provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees. These safety rules will help us meet that goal. Each employee should know and follow all the safety rules. Supervisors must enforce the rules and safe work practices. Most accidents can be prevented if everyone uses the right safety equipment and follows the safety rules. To be a safe and successful department, we must work as a team.


Communication of Safety Rules
• • • • • Talk about safety rules and practices with new employees. Publish this Accident Prevention Manual. Encourage people to read it. Post the rules in all our work places. Remind staff of the rules. Have refresher training. Have safety reviews at staff meetings. When you see a safety problem, correct it on the spot.

Post the Safety Rules The next page has a list of General Safety Rules. Post them in your work place where they are easy to find and read. Nobody wants to have a serious injury or illness. Follow the rules, use common sense, and think before you act. If you are not sure how to do a job safely, ask your supervisor.

PWS Accident Prevention

September 2002 Page 3

June 2002

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Keep work areas clean and aisles clear. Do not block emergency equipment or exits. Keep fire doors closed. Wear and use required protective safety gear. This includes steel-toed boots, hard hats, gloves, eyewear, face masks, etc. Report all work injuries and illnesses to your supervisor right away. If you see an unsafe act or unsafe condition, fix it or tell your supervisor about it. Use vehicle seat belts. Do not bring guns, weapons, or explosives onto Government property. Do not use drugs or alcohol on government property or while you are on duty. This includes use of illegal drugs and also misuse of prescription drugs.

10. Only authorized and trained employees may repair or adjust machines and equipment. Follow "Lock and Tag Out Procedures" before you remove any machine guards or work on powered machinery and equipment. Replace all guards when the job is done. 11. Only qualified employees may work on or near exposed energized electrical parts or electrical equipment. 12. Only authorized and trained employees may...
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