Access Control

Topics: Authentication, Password, Identity theft Pages: 3 (648 words) Published: May 20, 2013
OATH (Open Authentication)
Alvin Claxton
Grantham University


The need for stronger authentication methods on line has never been in more demand than at present. There are many services that provide security and authentication while on line or to verify who is the end user. With the rise of identity theft among other cyber crimes, the need for stronger authentication is greatly needed. This written assignment will define, describe and explain OATH (Open Authorization) as a preferred choice for authentication method and the benefits of OATH.

Strong authentication on the World Wide Web is an ongoing process that requires advanced software and technology to identify an end user and making sure they are who they say they are. The alarming and escalating reports of online identify theft has all end users worried about their PII online and has sparked the industry to put in place stronger and more comprehensive methods of online security measures. After researching both user authentication framework processes, I have decided in favor of OATH (Open Authentication). OATH is used more widely by industries than SAML and has some features and benefits that are not favorable with SAML. SAML tends to be more organizational and serve large groups rather than smaller or more independent infrastructures. It provides stronger authentication, offers more hardware choices, has the lowest cost of ownership, it supports many mobile and is designed to integrate with existing platforms and infrastructures. OATH is being used and endorsed by companies like IBM, Axalto, Gemplus and VeriSign, who is a large leader in the online webpage security process. It delivers strong authentication to build open communities where end users and all devices are strongly authenticated, while providing for interoperability and possibility of federated identities. They are dedicated to provide low cost multi-function authentication devices such as smart/cell phones, PDAs and...
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