Academic Qualification Cannot Ensure Life Sucess

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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Do you have iphone or ipad? I believe that even you don’t have one you also know Steve Jobs, the father or the symbol of Apple, the computer firm, he founded, lost, and then regained. Do you think he is a successful person? I do. Do you think your parent who raise you to be who you are today are successful person? I do. Actually, the definition of success differs from person to person and field to field. For some people it is having a lot of money, for others it may be having the time freedom to play golf once a week, and for others it may be raising their children to be "good people" or having a large group of close friends. For every one of us, there is a different definition of what success is for others. However, for many people, academic qualification is essential for life success . How many times did your parents tell you that make sure you worked hard in high school so you could go to college and get a good career job as the first step in the success stair? I heard it million times. You might not sure about it but you saw a good portion of adult did. But whether school and college grades and examination results provide a way of predicting or ensuring future success. As I do a simple searching in Google, I found that there are about 200 million results for the term “got degree but no job”. It means there are many people out there who struggle to find a job even they have academic qualification. Moreover, according to Australia bureau statistics, there was 7.2% of unemployed people who have degree or certificate. The reality has been shown that academic qualification cannot guarantee life success but other factors. Back to the story of Steve Jobs, he dropped out of Reed College in Portland, Oregon after only one semester to earn money for food but later on, he said "If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts." It is similar to Bill Gates and Paul Allen,...
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