Academic Plagiarism - the Practices and Perceptions of Plagiarism in Education

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Academic Plagiarism:
The Practices and Perceptions of Plagiarism in Education
Plagiarism is a common concern in education, entertainment, and some parts of history. The Online Merriam Webster Dictionary (2012) defines plagiarism as “the act of stealing and passing off the ideas or other words of another as one’s own.” This activity is unacceptable and is still performed. Because of this practice, however, researchers conducted surveys in several schools to comprehend this act of dishonesty. The reasons for the practice of cheating are complex but also essential to examine.

Brian Hansen (2003), a CQ Researcher in Combating Plagiarism, analyzed the practice of plagiarism among schools and the media. He states, “The perception [among college professors] is that students are no longer learning about plagiarism adequately at a high-school level, so there’s an education and re-education process that needs to take place” (2003, p.777). Various students may not recognize their research as a dishonest activity because their professors may have not introduced the idea of plagiarism to them. Dominic A. Sisti (2007), a researcher regarding plagiarism, said “student responses reflect a lack of clarity regarding what exactly their school’s policy says regarding copy-paste practices” (2007, p. 225). Because of the lack of clarification, it is essential that professors give direct and comprehensive instructions for each student before he or she works. Patrick M. Scanlon and David R. Neumann (2002), two researchers who have also conducted surveys about plagiarism, noticed that the measures of incidence of cheating suggest a contradiction between what students say and do. “Some [students] have argued that colleges and universities are not doing nearly enough to foster a commitment among students to academic honesty” (2002, p.376). The lack of acknowledgement is one of the leading causes for students to academically plagiarize.

When students are unaware of the idea of...
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