Academic Goal

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Diversity Statement
I grew up in the country and went through a hard childhood. To pursue my studies, I left home alone when I was ten years old. These experiences are the most precious wealth of my life. The simple folk custom I experienced in the country cultivated my honest and warm-hearted characteristics. More importantly, I gradually learned to be optimistic about the hardship I will encounter in my life. It is my positive attitude that helps me spend a colorful and rich college life. I always serve as leaders in student activities at college. As the monitor of HE-Zhijun Honored Class, I organized several research seminars for this particular class successfully. When acted as the chairman of the Student Union in College of Computer Science, I was responsible for various jobs including graduation party, social practice and holding many competitions such as ACM. My excellent leadership and ability in organizing always make my team work efficiently. Because of my outstanding performance, I was commended by the college and school for several times, e.g., Excellent Cadre of Students for three times. These leadership experiences helped me recognize the importance of plan, communication and cooperation. Another thing I would love to mention is my entrepreneurial experience. As an engineering student, my first contact with business happened in sophomore when I joined Intensive Training Program of Innovation and Entrepreneurship offered by Zhejiang University. This particular program provided me with many opportunities to know business through various courses and contacts with entrepreneurs. In the 3rd Zhejiang University Trilogy Competition in which competitors need to demonstrate their start-up ideas in one minute, I conveyed my idea of developing an information system for logistic companies to the venture capital and finally won the champion. However, compared with start-up ideas, I knew practical ability is more essential for entrepreneur. Then I spent two...
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