Abuse and Effect of Corruption, Prohibited Drugs, Narcotics

Topics: Drug addiction, Opioid, Political corruption Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: January 5, 2013
corruption has a number of meanings that cover a vast amount of human actions. A general dictionary defines corruption as debased by errors or alterations; synonymous with acculturation , contamination, vitiated, polluted. Obviously all negative images. In dealing with corruption and its effect on a country's economy or political system the World Bank defines the term as the abuse of public office for private gain ( World Bank Report, September 1997). In recent years global concerns for corruption have intensified. Public office is abused for private gain whenever an official extorts, accepts, or solicits a bribe. It is also abused when private agents actively offer bribes to go around public policies and processes for competitive advantage and profit. However, public office can also be violated for personal gain through patronage and infidelity, theft of assets, or the diversion of state revenues. This paper will focus on corruption and its presence in the public sector, how corruption is relevant to developing countries (specifically Nigeria), and finally will look at some different anti-corruption efforts.

Drug abuse hurts the people who take drugs AND the people around them, including families, kids, and babies who aren't yet born. Drug abuse hurts the body and the brain, sometimes forever.

The term narcotic has several definitions but often pertains to opioid drugs that produce actions similar to morphine. Narcotics are used therapeutically to relieve pain, induce anesthesia and treat additional symptoms such as cough and diarrhea. The physical effects of narcotics make the drugs desirable, however, and may contribute to their abuse. Narcotic abuse is defined as any use of a narcotic that is inconsistent with medical guidelines.
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