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Insight into Tricare

Insight into Tricare
Deona Bonds
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Madeline Meyer

Insight into Tricare
Depending upon their status, active duty members, retired members, members of the Guard/Reserves, family members, and certain veterans receive free or government subsidized medical and dental care. How this system came about is very clear and simple. History

Military medical care for active duty members of uniformed service and their families date back to the 1700’s. In 1884 Congress directed that “medical officers of the Army and contract surgeons shall whenever possible attend the families of the officers and soldiers free of charge.” Powers (2008). Following were great strides made to provide maternity care, infant care, psychiatric care, and care for surviving family members of a deceased sponsor. By the 80’s there was two ways for military personnel, retirees, and family member to receive health care. Tricare/CHAMPUS was now in full effect. Service members received treatment at the medical facilities and retirees and family members were seen on a space available status. Family members and retirees also had the option of using Civilian Health and Medical Program Uniformed Services (CHAMPS), which provides government subsidized care from civilian providers.


Tricare offers many health options although it depends on who you are and where you live. TRICARE Prime provides comprehensive health coverage with no annual fee. This plan includes Emergency Care, Outpatient Visits, Preventive Care (wellness exams, immunizations, etc.), Hospitalization, Maternity Care, Mental/Behavioral health, Prescriptions. It is similar to an HMO plan in which beneficiaries must pick a primary doctor and receive referrals for specialty care. Tricare Standard: formerly known as CHAMPUS. Is a government subsidized program. The beneficiary may choose any civilian physician including specialty care. The beneficiary is...
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