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Alleya Dina Dina’s Friends (Dina’s Mom) Luis- Alvin Jeirael-Miko(Dina’s Brother) Ana- Bella Shaira-Nelly(Dina’s Bestfriend) Yuki- Mang Lino(driver) Christene-Ms. Perez Kent-Celia(Owner of the Pocket)
Narrator: One Day, they was a girl who live in a big house. She was very liar. If she do something that make somebody angry, she blame anyone around her. Even her bestfriend. Anjelika: Dina, Miko come here. I want you to be good. I just go to the market. Don’t play to the living room nor go. Because maybe you can break my favorite vase. Miko: Yes Mom.

Narrator: Later, Nelly Visit to Dina’s house. She bring some cup cakes for Dina and Miko. Nelly: Dina(knocking)
Dina: Oh, Nelly you’re here. Let’s go to the living room. Narrator: Dina forgotten what her mom say to her.So Dina and Nelly play around the living room. But atlast Dina accidentally break the glass! Dina: Ohh! I accidentally broke the glass!

Miko: Mom will get angry on you!
Dina: Miko, promise me that you will not say anything to Mom. Narrator: Miko did not answer, until their mother came.
Anjelika: Dina, Miko, open the door.
Narrator: Miko open the door until their mother saw what happen to her vase. Anjelika: Ohhh!! Who broke this?
Nelly: Aaa.. tita we just playing on the living room and….. Dina: Mom, Nelly broke the glass!!
Nelly: Tita no! I didn’t Broke the glass. Dina say the truth. Narrator: But Dina’s mom did not believe of what Nelly said. So Dina’s Mom got angry to Nelly. Narrator: One day Dina and Miko go to school very early. They wanted to greet their teacher and classmates. Miko go in his room while Dina decided to stay in the reading room. When she pulled the chair, she saw a cute leather purse...
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