Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Fetus Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Marissa Lavroff
October 11,2012
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One topic that I feel very strongly about is the pro-choice movement. Many women who are pro-choice and support medical and surgical abortions are extremely criticized. Many people fail to realize that having an abortion is not necessarily a bad thing. Abortions can change someone’s life for the better in many ways. Many women that get abortions are not in the proper place to take care of a child. Although a woman can give a child up for adoption, the foster care system is not always the best place to grow up in. Many people also seem to forget about how greatly stem cells could help save someone’s life.

From a personal standpoint, I am very familiar with this issue. I myself have been put in this position and have been forced to make the most logical decision for my life, my well being, and most importantly the lives I would be affecting. When it comes to being pro-choice, the reasons for supporting or not supporting this movement are not black and white. Everyone lives their own life and their decisions may affect their life differently than it would affect your own. The way the media interprets and highlights this movement is very biased and their opinions do not always relate to the lives or feelings of the people whom they are reaching out to.

Accidents happen. Birth control is only 99% accurate in preventing pregnancy. If a younger girl is sexually active and gets pregnant, there are not always people around who are willing to help her. In a situation where you are not able to care for a child, abortion is a better option as opposed to bringing this child into the world just to struggle to survive.

The most common accusation thrown at women who have an abortion is that they are murderers. 52% of all abortions occur before the 9th week of pregnancy. At 9 weeks of pregnancy, an unborn child is no more than an inch long and weighs a fraction of an ounce. This embryo is no bigger than a...
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