Aboriginal Ceremonies in Australia

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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Aboriginal Ceremonies in Australia
Aboriginal people in Australia are indigenous. The earliest known is meaning of the word “aboriginal”. Actually, the Australian aboriginal is not coming from Australian it self. They came from Asia about 30.000 years ago. They have 500-600 distinct groups. No matter they live in different groups, they still an inherent part of the culture of aboriginal. Their culture is unique. Not only unique, they also rich in cultures. One of their unique cultures is ceremony. They have their own ceremony which distinct them with other people in Australia. Ceremonies play an important part in Aboriginal life today. Aboriginal people in Australia do the ceremonies for many different occasions. They usually incorporate dance and song in their ceremonies. Before dance, the members of dancer would paint particular designs on their bodies to indicate the type of ceremony being held, and for indicate they are from language group or family group. According to www.aboriginalartshop.com, ceremonies of aboriginal people have many forms. They have own function of their own form. There are initiation ceremony, corroborees, aboriginal funeral ceremony, circumcision ceremony (Mardudjara tribe only), and aboriginal festive ceremonies (for many occasions). First is initiation ceremony. The initiation ceremony is very private of aboriginal ceremony which is very important to their life. Initiation ceremony is performed to introduce and celebrate adolescent boys and girls as adult members of the community [www. indigenousaustralia.info]. The initiation ceremony has two functions, such as: (1) to teach the young boys and girls of law of their tribes, their beliefs, and their information about their country. (2) The young boys and girls will give the knowledge from Elders which they need to take their place as an adult in their community. In this ceremony, the boys are taken into the bush. So, the Elders can begin the process of transferring the laws which is...
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