Abolishing the Death Penalty

Topics: United States, Death penalty Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Angellica Delgadillo
Ms. Gregory, P.4
April 18, 2013
Thesis: The death penalty should be abolished in the United States. I. Introduction
a. Hook (opening sentence that attracts the reader):_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ b. What are you going to be talking about?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i. (background info; in this part you will state facts about the death penalty. It helps if you state reasons why it should be abolished, that way it leads to the thesis statement. It also needs to be reasons you’re going to talk about in the rest of the paper. Briefly state these reasons, do not go into detail):_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ c. Thesis statement: “The death penalty should be abolished in the United States” II. (SECOND PARAGRAPH) 1st Body paragraph

d. 1ST MAIN REASON TO ABOLISH THE DEATH PENALTY (it should be one that you mentioned in your intro ii. (find an article) State facts/evidence that support the first reason iii. 2nd fact (evidence)

iv. 3rd fact (evidence)
v. Actual quote (stick to only one per body paragraph) vi. Conclusion sentence/ transition sentence to next paragraph III. (THIRD PARAGRAPH) 2nd body paragraph
vii. (same as above; state facts)
viii. 2nd fact
ix. 3rd fact
x. Actual quote
xi. Conclusion/ transition sentence
IV. (FOURTH PARAGRAPH) 3rd body paragraph
xii. Evidence...
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