Abolish the Death Penalty - Thesis

Topics: Death Penalty, Murder, Crime Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Abolish the Death Penalty
Terri Nunn
PHI103: Informal Logic
Russell Fail
April 26, 2010

Part I – Thesis
Growing up in America is a beautiful thing, this give us many rights and the option of having the right to choose the religious beliefs of our choice. I have chosen to be a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ. Therefore when I look at the subject of the death penalty I think that it should be abolished in America.

There is nothing in front of my love for Jesus, which includes the Government of the United States. I know they have made the state and religion two different things. That does not mean more and that their laws are more important than the Ten Commandments. I think that the state should have to respect them also. One of the Ten Commandments are “thaw shall not kill.” What is the state doing when they execute a person? It looks to me that they are killing that person out of revenge.

This country prides itself on being one of the most civilized in the world. ON most subjects I would have to agree, not on the subject of the use of the death penalty. How can a cruel and unusual punishment such as killing a person be civilized?

How many times has an innocent inmate been put to death for a crime they were convicted of? I think if there is just one innocent life lost that is too many. I know my family and I have watched the news and saw where a prisoner gets just days from being executed and someone has found new evidence. What about the ones that don’t find the evidence until after they have been executed?

There is nobody on earth that should decide when a person should live or die nobody except God himself. If someone does choose to take a life they should be severely punished. I just think that we could use life without parole instead of death row. This seems more of a logical reason then taking their life completely. This way they would have an opportunity to be rehabilitated even if they did not ever get out of...
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