Abc Farm

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ABC Farm (San Pablo City)

Largely a Rambutan farm fenced-off by a concrete wall, the area sits on an upper edge of a shallow-deep configuration of a Maar complex at the foot of Mount Obabis hill (also known as Imok hill in this Wikimapia map systems), wherein a relic of what looks like a small volcanic crater rim which is still visible around 110 meters from the south flank of the farm. The Maar depression can be distinguishable the moment the concrete San Marcos-to-Palakpakin Road descends to a seemingly circular flatland depression, indiscernible to an untrained eye marked across by a sort of a shallow dry land crack / canal system, possibly a manifetation of a fault or splay system (that has already been covered with dumped spoil materials) running towards the point of confluence between Mt. Obabis and her twin sister-hill slightly to the North East, and existing cultivated vegetation covering the terrain of the area. This Maar complex can initially be observed with the open and cleared ground land preparations as in the cultivation of pineapples as seen in this aerial photo of the location south of said ABC Farm. This is a common site in Laguna as what can be observed with more distinct depressions half a kilometer West across the national highway along Barangay San Marcos (Tikew), San Pablo City, Laguna, or farther away, especially in Calauan-to-Alaminos areas.

Owned by: Jericho Mabatian

First is to plant prepare the soil for the rambutan to grow, clay loam or sandy loam soil is picked for this cased and them putting the fertilizer(natural ones). For planting the rambutan the ABC farm choose R5 variety to plant because of It produces big fruits that are intense red, hence attractive to customers. The white flesh is thick, sweet, smooth in texture and separates readily from its seed. The space between each plant is about 9 meters to a lot the plants to grow.

The farm usually plant juvenile tree at around august to allow adequate moisture for the young plants, monitoring the plant is important at this stage. Apply organic fertilizer in this case composted chicken manure, about a kilo per tree every two months. Also, they apply chemical fertilizer every two months at the rate of about 150 grams per tree. Monitor insect activity on the tree and apply pesticide when needed.

Once the tree matures, Fertilize the trees with both organic and chemical fertilizers. At the beginning of the rainy season, spread a sackful of manure under the canopy of the trees. Repeat this six months later. The chemical fertilizer may be applied every three months, the amount depending on the size of the trees. Two kilos may be applied per tree each time.

One good characteristic of rambutan trees are they can be induced to producing fruits earlier. This can be done by not watering the tree when the rainy season is over. Let the soil dry up for at least a month and after that irrigate the trees copiously and continue to keep the soil sufficiently moist from there on. Within a few weeks, the flower buds should come out. Then spray the tree with a bloom booster fertilizer usually used in orchids.

For harvesting, harvest the rambutan as soon as it’s fully riped. Cutting the fruits about four inches of the fruiting twigs. Then they store the rambutan in a storage shed waiting for the trucks to come and pick them up to sell to the nearby markets and some are shipped to nearby provinces

Philippine Mango Seedling Farm Corp

Located in the border of Candaba, Pampanga and Baliuag, Bulacan, Philippine Mango Seedling Farm Corp. (PMSFC) is a family owned and operated agricultural enterprise. About 60 kms. North of Metro Manila, our farm is situated at the heart of the Philippines’ rice granary, where our climate is dry and mild - thus an ideal area for the production of quality mango seedlings.

The company was established with a three-prong objective, namely: 1) environmental preservation through youth education;
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