Abakadaina Essay

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Abakada ina is a film dedicated to all women who strive to be the best for their children. It is about an illiterate woman named Estella who married Daniel and bore three beautiful daughters. Since Estella had stopped studying when she was still a child, she always had an argue with her mother-in-law named Matilda. Matilda loves her grandchildren very much that she didn’t want them to become like their mother – an illiterate person. Matilda taught everything she knew to Estella’s children. She tried to be a mother to them. Matilda wanted to raise them the way she raised her children, Daniel and Jojo. Because of this, Estella felt that she doesn’t have a place in them, that she cannot do anything but to sell in the market. Daniel came back home from his work on the ship and he tried to live with his family away from his mother. It was a very tough decision for them but they did it because they believe that they could fulfill their dreams in a place far from where they grew up. Unfortunately, many bad things had happened so they decided again to go back to Matilda though Estella knew that she would be hurt again by her. Daniel and Estella broke up and they both struggle to make their family get back again. Estella studied again and Daniel chose to pursue the course he really wanted. They wrote letters to each other and promised to one another that no matter what happen, the “Daniel and Estella” they knew would be together and love each other with all their hearts all over again