Aaron Parker Constitution Speach Essay

Topics: United States Constitution, Constitution, Separation of powers Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Aaron Parker

“It is every American’s right and obligation to interpret the constitution for their selves” ,said by Thomas Jefferson. Interpretations are subjective, but what may be relevant in these interpretations, are required to be revolutionary. The question is, was the constitution not revolutionary? Therefore is it not still relevant? I believe the constitution is the most influential and relevant documentation in America, to present day. The constitution was collectively processed through several people, giving more input and thought. It limits government power, but still can be amended. The constitution also states and protects our natural rights; and relevancy is all subjective to society, but as history shows, society repeats itself, making the constitution just as relevant as it was in 1787.

One does not need to be a genius, but if in a situation where several team up they can create something just as brilliant. The constitution’s brilliance of never ending relevance starts with its limitations of government but still being able to be amended, there are three methods in which the constitution sought to limit the area of power in the three organs of government, all through the bill of rights, system of checks and balances, and federalism. Are we not, one nation that takes pride in equality, not only with other nations but internally as well? As a collective, we consistently change; therefore the option to have a system to change with us is of paramount importance; in which our constitution fulfills this need.

The freedom of freedom sounds quite euphoric it in a united community and for something to protect that euphoria is an even better sound. “The constitution is colorblind, and never knows nor tolerates classes among citizens”, a quote from John Marshall. As it limits governments’ power, it also protects the natural rights we are promised at birth. Fair government ensures justice. Rules...
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