Topics: Supply chain management terms, Change, Procurement Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: April 7, 2013
To: Zhichao Wang's Laptops Shop
From: Yeyang Jia
Subject: NetSuite Application Control Testing

Weakness #1.
1. Weakness being tested: Create a check to pay a vendor an amount that is higher than the accounts payable due the vendor.

2. Test Setup:
a. I created a purchase order, which is purchasing 100 keyboards from Al Systems Ltd with purchase price of $45.00. So, the total amount owe the vendor in this purchase transaction is $4,500. Then, I confirmed that the company has received these items

b. I then went to the Bill Purchase Order page in order to pay the bill to Al System Ltd. So I find my purchase order (#1299), since I want to test whether I can pay vendor the bill that exceeds the actually amount on the original purchase order, I find the Bill Purchas Order page are designed only pay the bill under the purchase order amount. However, I discovered that I can pay more than the amount on the purchase order through changing the total amount of this keyboard-purchasing transaction. Then, I changed the total amount to $45,000 instead of $4,500.

When I tried to change the total amount of the existing purchasing transaction, the warning signs would come out and warn the employee that the total amount was not equal to the total quantity times the item’s price, and this transaction has been placed and whether the employee want to change the amount. However, when I click OK on this warning sign, this change has been approved, and I can bill the vendor $45,000, which exceeds the correct amount 10 times.

3. Result: Although two warning signs came out and warn the employee to make sure the changes, the risks that employee changes the bill amount and process the bill exist. Those warning sign can help the employee avoid the mistakes that they may change the amount occasionally. However, if the employees want to change the amount in some purposes, they could success.

4. Risks: Employees could pay a vendor an amount that is...
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