9/11 Naudet Brothers Film Analysis

Topics: Firefighter, September 11 attacks, Opening credits Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: June 27, 2012
How viewers are encouraged to respond and why
Viewers are encouraged to respond to the documentary with thoughts of pride and respect for the “real life” heroes in their society. This is because the fire fighters played a significant role during and after 9/11 in aiding the people and directing them to safety. They also spent many days desperately searching through the rubble for any survivors. It is these actions that classify the men as “real life” heroes, and with the aid of film codes the viewer will understand this and respond with feelings of pride and respect for the firemen at the scene of 9/11. Symbolic codes include how the heroes become victims of terrorism; they went through ‘hell’ and yet they still managed to keep going, risking their own lives and safety for the people of their city. Another symbolic code used in the film is the filming of people donating food and other supplies to the fire fighters to show their support and thanks for what they were doing to help save them. This use of symbolism provokes viewers to feel the same way towards the ‘real life’ heroes in their society today – supportive and thankful. A significant written code used in the documentary is the newspaper clipping of the article about the 27 year old fire fighter that died before 9/11 occurred. This shows the viewer that heroes die, just like ordinary people. They know this and yet they keep going, saving the lives of those in danger. Also written in the documentary are the opening credits. The opening credits provide an insight into what the film will be about and in turn foreshadow the events that will happen and helps to emphasise the greatness of the tragedy of 9/11. The radio announcement playing during the film is an example of an audio code used. The radio announcement listed the firemen confirmed dead and as the radio is announcing this long list the audience can see the effect of hearing this has on the firemen listening. The men are losing their friends and...
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