7 Ways of How the Usages of Computers Affect the Environment Negatively

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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7 ways of how the usages of computers affect the environment negatively

When talking on computers effects on environment, it can be clearly seen even from the manufacturing stage. Along with the advancement of technology that reduces its size while increasing power, their environmental impacts also increase. This is because of the materials-and energy-intense production process and the rapid rate at which users discarded for newer machines. An automobile or refrigerator only requires 1-2 times their weight in fossil fuels and chemicals to be made while an average 24 kg desktop computer requires at least 10 times of its weight. (UNU, 2004) This means that an average desktop with 17-inch cathode ray tube (CTR) is made with 240 kg of fossil fuels, 22 kg of chemicals and 1,500 kg of water. Also, in 2009 about 969,863 computers are sold daily which 11 computers are sold every second! (Randall Hand, 2010) In short, computers used up a lot of natural resources unnecessarily. Moreover, computers release an estimated 35 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. The emissions by computers account for 2 percent of world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. (PrabhatHans, 2007 ). Personal computer, servers, cooling, fixed and mobile telephony, local area network (LAN), office telecommunications and printers are responsible for the 2 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions (Gartner, n.d.). High concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will block the infrared radiation from returning to space after being reflected from the Earth’s surface. The excess carbon dioxide gas can cause an increase in the temperature of the Earth leading to greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect cause melting of poles resulting flood and drought. The carbon dioxide emissions by computers are causing attention that it may wreck attempts to reduce emissions while increasing global warming.

Computers are also closely associated with health problems. For example,...
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