7. Understanding the Theory and Design of Organizations, Ch. 5

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The intent of this workbook assignment is to review and explore various international products in the context of their international organizational structures. 2. SELECTED PRODUCTS
1. Selection Approach
The product selection was made on the concept, that there should be some commonality in products in terms of their international recognition and at the same time this selection should have some diversity in terms of product usage by various households. ➢ Extra sugar free gum is commodity for middle class and upper middle class and is equally popular in high class, weight and diet conscious consumers. ➢ ECCO has international fame and it is being used from high to upper middle class gentry. ➢ Lacoste is a luxury brand popular in class conscious gentry and not in the reach of middle class consumers. The idea behind this combination is to get some good analysis regarding the international products and their organizations operating internationally 2. Products

➢ Extra Sugar Free Gum by Wrigley
➢ Ecco Shoes
➢ Lacoste Polo Shirts


1. Introduction
1. Product Name:
EXTRA® was Wrigley's first sugar-free gum offering in the U.S. and Extra gum is known for its incredible, long-lasting flavors that can trigger a state of perpetual enjoyment.

Wrigley’s is the subsidiary of Mars incorporated, on October 6, 2008, Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company (NYSE: WWY) completed its merger with Mars, Incorporated, in a transaction valued at over $23 billion.

2. History:
1984, Wrigley launched Extra in the U.S. and Canada as the company's first taste sustaining, sugar-free brand. Within five years of launch, Extra became the No. 1 sugar-free gum in the U.S. and in the world. o 1988-2007 Extra has continued to delight consumers with exciting new flavors o 2007 Extra, along with Orbit® and Eclipse®, receive The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance o 2008 Launch of Extra Fruit Sensations

o 2008 Launch of Slim Pack.
o 2009 Extra Fruit Sensations brings "smoothie" flavor selections to the gum category for the first time o 2009 Launch of Slim Pack 3 Pack.
o 2010 Extra introduces Dessert Delights to its portfolio. o 2011 MyExtra gum launches letting you personalize packs of Extra gum for any occasion.

3. Vision & Corporate principles in Action Our Vision
To create a culture where our associates' unique talents are maximized and they feel valued and connected to each other and to Wrigley through living our values. Corporate principles in Action

4. Corporate Office:
Chicago, Illinois
5. Regional Offices:
There are eight (08) regional offices around the global: |REGIONS | |1.   Americas |5.   Middle East | |2.  Western Europe |6.  Africa | |3.  Central Europe |7.  China & Asia | |4.   Russia & Eastern Europe |8.  Australia & Pacific |

6. Range in products:
Initially Extra was introduced in two flavors, Spearmint and Peppermint. Presently there are ten (10) flavors of Extra in the international market: |Extra FLAVORS | |1. Classic Bubble...
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