7.62 Mm Caliber and Ans

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Q. 1. W hat is the Aim of Drill?
Ans 1-(a)


To inculcate a sense of discipline,
Improve bearing, smartness in appearance and turn out,
Create self confidence and
To develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience to orders.

Fill in the Blanks :(a)
_________ steps taken in KHULI LINE CHAL.
_________ Maximum nos. of steps allowed forward & backwards. (c)
Distance between two heels in Vishram position is ______.
On the word of command „Parade Par‟ ___________.
Length of step in double march is __________.
(b) One

(c) 12”

Ans .2 (a)



Fill in blanks:
In ADHA Dahine Mur the squad turn _____________ Degree.
In Tez Chal the distance between cadets is ____________ inch. In Dahine Saj, the squad takens a step forward by ______________ inch. Angle between toes in Savdhan position is ______________ de gree. In pichhe mur the squad turn ___________ degree.

Ans:3 (a)

45 degree (b)
180 degree.

45 Inch


14, 1-2


(e) 30”

(c) 15 Inch

(d) 30 degree

Q. 4 W hat are the points to be observed while „Saluting‟? (05)
Ans.4 (a)
Bring the right hand by smart circular moti on keeping all the fingers clenched together and the palm completely open, fingers, wrist and elbow in a straight line. (b)
The top of fore finger will remain near the centre of the right eye brow. (c)
Keep the hand in the position for the definite pause.
Cut down the hand smartly by the shortest possible route and take up the „Savdhan‟ position.
Q.5 W ho are entitled for Rashitriya Salute?
Ans.5 (a)
National Flag
President of India
Governor of State

( 0 5)

Q.6 W hat are the points to be seen in „Savdhan Positi on‟? ( 0 5)
Ans.6 (a)
Body erect, perfectly still but not stiff.
Head up.
Eyes looking straight at the front of one‟s own height and still. (d)
Chin vertical, neck straight and filling the collar.
Shoulder square and forced downwards.
Chest up.
Hands fixed with body behind the seam of the trousers, elbow straight, fingers making loose half fist and the thumb towards the front.
W eight of the body on both the legs and knees straight.
Heels together making an angle of 30 degree at the front.


Q No. 7 – W hat is the sequence of action while firing a shot? Ans 7- (a)

Aiming Position.


On taking the aim, the firer must take the first pressure.

Breathing. Just before taking an aim, breathing must be gently restrained. It is important to coordinate so that when the foresight comes to the point of aim, the breath is partially exhaled.
Immediately on „correct aim‟ the second pressure will be taken and shot fired. For a se cond or two after firing, there should be no relaxation of the hold or movement of trigger finger or head. (d)

Follow Through.
The hold and aim must be maintained until the
bullet has left the barrel. Better still fire should allow through until the bullet has reached the target.
Q.No. 8 Define laws of aiming?


Ans -8 (a) Focus the target so that a clear picture is formed on the retina of the eye and get the true centre of the target. Then with the eye focus to the foresight. (b)
Hold the rifle properly as has already been taught and keep it upright.
Close the left eye and focus the foresight.
See the foresight through the black sight „U‟. The foresight should be seen right in the centre of the U. The tip of the foresight must be aligned in the centre and in level with the shoulder of the U.

Q.9 W hat is quality of good firer?
Ans.9 (a)
Good Aiming.
Good Holding.
Good trigger operation.

( 0 5)

Q.10 W hat is the difference between “Loading a Rifle” and “Charging the Magazine” ? (05) Ans. 10
A Rifle is loaded when...
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