5s Check List Model

Topics: Cleanliness, Hygiene, Work in progress Pages: 3 (521 words) Published: March 13, 2011
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1Do all team members know why this program is in place?
2Have criteria been established to distinguish necessary from unnecessary items?
3"Have all unnecessary items been removed from the area?
Examples: Excess materials, infrequently used tools, defective materials, personal items, outdated information, etc."
4Do employees understand the procedure for disposing of unnecessary items?
5Do employees understand the benefits to be achieved from the program?
6Has a reliable method been developed to prevent unnecessary items from accumulating?
7Is there a process for employees to pursue and implement further improvements?
StoreYesIn ProgressNo
8Is there a visually marked, specified place for everything?
9Is everything in its specified place?
10Is storage well organized and items easily retrievable?
11Are items like tools and supplies conveniently located?
12Do all work group members know where items belong?
13Has a process been developed to determine what quantity of each item belongs in the area?
14Is it easy to see (with a visual sweep) if items are where they are suppose to be?
15Samples: Signboards, color-coding, or outlining.
ShineYesIn ProgressNo
16Are work/break areas, offices, and conference rooms clean and orderly?
17Are floors/carpets swept and free of oil, grease, and debris?
18Are tools, machinery, and office equipment clean and in good repair?
19Is trash removed on a timely basis?
20Are manuals, labels, and tags in good condition?
21Are demarcation lines clean and unbroken?
22Are cleaning materials easily accessible?
23Are cleaning guidelines and schedules visible?
24Do employees understand expectations?
StandardiseYesIn ProgressNo
25Are current process documented (flow chart,...
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