50s Music, Influences, and Mccarthy

Topics: Elvis Presley, Ray Bradbury, Academy Award for Best Actress Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: April 6, 2013

The 50’s were the start of a great genre in music; Rock’n’roll! Rock’n’roll originated from a combination of southern blues and gospel music, stemming around the time of World War II. Jazz bands mostly dominated “white music” during this period but rock’n’roll was mainly African-American influenced. This was the first time music had developed amount different social and ethnic groups. Some of the notable artists of this time include Ray Charles, Bill Haley, and of course Elvis Presley. These artists had a major influence on many artists and styling’s of music today. Elvis Presley was considered “The king of rock’n’roll” and quickly became a cultural icon. He was the basic inspiration to performers such as Bob Dylan. He became a figure and face everyone in America knew and grew to love. Presley’s music was expanded to the point where his music can still be heard today. He was the basis to the fusing of white country and black rhythm music, permanently changing pop culture.

One of my favorite authors Ray Bradbury came to be popular in literature during this decade. Ray’s novels changed the way people thought. They were futuristic and made you think. One of his most famous book is Fahrenheit 451 was up in shelves in 1953, followed by The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man, both also released in the 50’s. His inspiration for writing these novels came from science fiction. His goal was to make people think about the future and what the world would come to in future decades. His style of writing was adapted by Alfred Hitchcock who later incorporated much of it into his movies. Bradbury was also hired to work on screenplays such as Moby Dick and The Twilight Zone. His interpretation of the future became a phenomenon, although not everyone could stomach it.

The 50’s were a raging era for beautiful actresses. From Elizabeth Taylor, to Grace Kelly, to Marilyn Monroe, these women have set a high standard for the rest of us. My personal favorite...
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