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Topics: High school, Pregnancy, Youth Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 24, 2013
My hometown has to little to offer young People
Clankle clankle ! Is all we now in monroe, now a day's.In the small town where there is about more than 40,000 people in it, still has nothing to offer young people. I believe Monroe, MI has to be one of the lamest towns in the United states. Once you read this essay it really will motivate you to pack your bags, grab the kid's and catch the next flight to where ever your heart desires. Because in Monroe,MI you have to travel out of town see fun. Thats why I chose this topic.

The crime rate in Monroe, Mi is increasing daily, due to free time they have on their hands. In 2009 there was more than 10,000 thefts that happen in that year, according to http://www.city-data.com/city/monroe-michigan.html .To me thats a very extremely high number for such a small boring town.And thats where it comes to not having nothing to do to keep people from making wrong descisions. Work is real scarce in this small town, you literally have to go through a temporary service just to get a job within weeks.There's not to many jobs that is hiring young people around here anymore, they now want people who have degree's and diplomas. So if young people have to much free time, what else are they supposed to do to stay occupied? I mean they could play sports or work out, but what if their not athletic.. then what ?

The biggest problem we have in Monroe is SUBSTANCE ABUSED. More than 45% of teenagers in Monroe, Mi has either tried marijuana or got drunk before in their young years. Now since they hand out medical cards like their candy , anybody and everybody can have one if you just go to the office and lie to them and tell them you have back or shoulder problems. They will tell you to pay $150 dollars, and BOOM! You can carry up to (2)oz of marijuana on you legally! And their also letting people grow marijuana in their home's/ backyard's like were in california or something...Crazy isn't it?

Pregnancy is another huge problem of...
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