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Topics: Consumer protection, Italian cuisine, Marketing Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Product :
Mundane products are ordinary or banal products that are bought by consumer for everyday use. It is also a product without any specificity, whose purchase is regular and habitual and may be automatic or semi-automatic. To explain what are the different dimensions of a mundane product we will use the example of a pack of pastas.

* Its concrete or material dimension is that :
The product is a pack of pastas. It is basic food that can be eaten everyday by a lot of categories of consumers. It is a traditional Italian dish that can be cooked with a lot of condiments. It is a very simple dish to cook as it only takes 10 minutes to be prepared. Almost everybody like pastas, it has a good taste, it is practical and it is not very expensive.

* Its functional dimension :
It is used to satisfy hunger of the consumer. It is use solve one’s problem : eat a meal quickly in order to lose as little time as possible. It is the perfect answer to a lack of time, the need of ease and speed. It is a way to satisfy primary needs in a convivial spirit.

* Its psychological dimension :
For everyone pastas are : a simple dish to cook, it is every time enjoyable, and even if it is a basic dish we can always diversify its taste by adding condiments.

Price :
Our category of products has a cost below 5 dollars. As its production cost is low, its purchase became automatic or semi-automatic for a majority of people. Its purchase frequency is very high and its penetration rate can be very high. This product usually has a good price/quality ratio.

Promotion :
The promotion for those product is made on TV with commercials and on radio. The commercials are broadcasted during the peak hours, and on every channels, as it concern the majority of the population and it is affordable. For the companies, the cost of promotion is very high as the competition is tough, they need to differentiate their product from the others in order to sell more....
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