4c of Hrm

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4C’s of HRM

For any organization, it is important to identify where it stands in the 4 C’s of strategically planning the direction of the organization; managing human labor force and goals of the organization; and then sustaining the momentum required during the goal achievement process. The following are basic questions that should be asked: 1. Competence: How competent are employees in their work? Do they need additional training? 2. Commitment: How committed are employees to their work and organization? To what extent do HRM policies enhance the commitment of employees to their work and organization?3. Congruence: Is there congruence, or agreement, between the basic philosophy and goals of the company and its employees? Is there trust and common purpose between managers and employees? 4. Cost effectiveness: Are HRM policies cost-effective in terms of wages, benefits, turnover, absenteeism, strikes, and similar factors?

Company Profile :
The business is simultaneously into Steel Trading and Manufacturing (Fabrication) of Steel goods. The business was established in1977. 4C’s in the company :
The company is into manufacturing of customized fabrication products for construction line and there are a number of labourers and foremen present during the execution of a particular job.The number is varying as per job and there are both skilled and unskilled labour. The foreman and a few labourers are competent in their work and do their assigned jobs on time whereas the unskilled need constant pursuance and monitoring. The unskilled need constant guidance and training for which we often hold a meeting and instruct them with the help of our production manager and foreman. Also the business needs some newer technology for steel cutting and welding and there a good scope of training and improved competence. Commitment:

The foreman and managers are extremely committed to their job and often are the ones who manage the other set of...
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