48 Laws of Power: Re-Create Yourself

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  • Published: April 25, 2013
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In The 48 Laws of Power, Law 25: “Re-Create Yourself” and Law 37: “Create Compelling Spectacles”, go hand in hand as the ideal laws for those who desire to gain the power of fame. Many people can acquire fame, but they lack the ability and knowledge in maintain it, thus, resulting in the loss of their fame. This is the cycle that we have seen many celebrities or artists go through yet very few are able to master their fame. Those who have lost their fame were not successful in re-creating themselves or creating compelling spectacles, which Lady Gaga, however, is a true master of. Whether it is her outrageous fashion statements, grand public controversies or even her music, Lady Gaga has found many ways to romance the world into demanding more of her. Therefore, Lady Gaga is successful in maintaining her fame due to her mastering of both Law 25 and Law 37. Robert Greene's Law 25 is for individuals who want to remake themselves into a character of power and maintain it. The world wants to assign us roles in life, Greene advises to not accept the roles that society foists on the individual because the role that we accept limits our power. In order to protect oneself from the limits of the world, one needs to re-create oneself by forging a new identity, one that commands attention and never bore the audience (191). In order to master Law 25, Greene advises: Be the master of your own image rather than letting others define it for you. Incorporate dramatic devices into your public gestures and actions – your power will be enhanced and your character will seem larger than life. (191) Your new identity will protect you from the world precisely because it is not “you”; it is a costume you put on and take off. You need not take it personally. And your new identity sets you apart, gives you theatrical presences. Those in the back rows can see you and hear you. Those in the front rows marvel at your audacity. (195)

With Law 25 in mind, individuals can then successfully gain more power and maintain their fame with the incorporation of Law 37, “Create Compelling Spectacles”, into their new identities. Greene points out that striking imagery and grand symbolic gestures create the aura of power – everyone responds to them (309). The best way to use images and symbols is to organize them into a grand spectacle that awes people and distracts them from unpleasant realities since people love what is grand, spectacular, and larger than life. Appeal to their emotions, and they will flock to your spectacle by the mass. The visual is the easier route to their hearts (316). Being able to master Law 25 and Law 37 hand in hand will allow the individual to maintain their fame and power. Lady Gaga is a flawless identity created by Stefani Germanotta. Before adopting this new persona, Germanotta was not famous, dropped out of New York University, and used a lot of cocaine. She could have accepted the roles that society would have forced on her as a failed drug-using star, but she would not allow her desires to be famous thrown away. Germanatta's masterful creation, Lady Gaga, epitomizes both Greene's Law 25 and Law 37 because she re-created herself to create compelling spectacles. Through her new persona, Lady Gaga became known for making outrageously bold fashion statements, creating grand public controversies and producing intoxicating addictive music, all of which have assisted her in maintaining her fame. Gaga's outrageous and sometimes controversial fashion spectacles keeps the media and the world on their toes, constantly focused on what bizarre outfit she might wear next. Greene suggests for those who want to create compelling spectacles to “establish a trademark...to set yourself apart” (313), similar to what Gaga has done for herself. She mastered Law 37, particularly, by getting the world to focus on her; thus they are not paying attention to anyone else, thereupon, she is still able to maintain her level of fame through everyone's fixated...
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