4-Mat Review

Topics: Forgiveness, Victim, Repentance Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Forgiveness 1

Self Forgiveness: The Stepchild of Forgiveness Research
Sharon D. Williams
University of Liberty

Forgiveness 2
Research on Self- Forgiveness is a topic that does not have much information, but the research known on this topic makes a distinction of the theoretical analysis of self-forgiveness is offer. In the recent years more questions has surface about interpersonal forgiveness, however intrapersonal and self-forgiveness has received little attention. Self forgiveness, interpersonal forgiveness, and pseudo forgiveness is a theoretical model that is use to explain the difference amongst the three forgiveness. Self-forgiveness can be found in social science literature. In this philosophy it explain how it necessary to have good-will toward self during the process of one self- forgiveness A person has who has offend must be able to accentuate self-love and respect in the face of one’s own wrong doing to be able to truly forgive someone and refrain from hurting someone else. The offender must recognize severe things and be willing to go through all the stages no matter how painful it is to assure true forgiveness, which should restore his self respect. In self-forgiveness restoration must be part of the process. There are three stages: Holmgren (1998); first, self-forgiveness, requires an objective fault or wrongdoing; second, negative feelings triggered by this offense must overcome; and third, an internal acceptance of oneself must be achieved. The psychology literature stated that self-forgiveness is when a person is willing to accept what he or she has done wrong to others, while still showing love and compassion to one self. Self-forgiveness can use a model called the uncovering phase where the individual goes through different cycles, which involves (denial, guilt, shame), decision phases is when a person has a change of heart. Work phase is self awareness comparison and the finally outcome for the offender which is to...
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