3 R's of Employee Retention

Topics: Employment, At-will employment Pages: 28 (7477 words) Published: August 14, 2012
Retaining Your Employees
Using Respect, Recognition, and Rewards for Positive Results

A Fifty-Minute Series Book

Learning Objectives For:
The objectives for Retaining Your Employees are listed below. They have been developed to guide you, the reader, to the core issues covered in this book.

❑ 1) To communicate the importance of keeping employees— and keeping them satisfied ❑ 2) To introduce “the three Rs” of employee retention—respect, recognition, and rewards—and explain what each entails ❑ 3) To convey why respect is essential to keeping employees ❑ 4) To provide tools for readers to assess current efforts ❑ 5) To empower the reader to immediately begin improving the workplace

In addition to the learning objectives above, Course Technology has developed a Crisp Series assessment that covers the fundamental information presented in this book. A 25-item, multiple-choice and true/ false questionnaire allows the reader to evaluate his or her comprehension of the subject matter. To buy the assessment and answer key, go to www.courseilt.com and search on the book title or via the assessment format, or call 1-800-442-7477. Assessments should not be used in any employee selection process.


About the Authors
Barb Wingfield, founder of Morale Builders, works with businesses to provide a fresh approach to employee retention, and with owners and managers who want to keep their best people. She presents keynotes and seminars throughout the United States. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and the National Association for Employee Recognition. She is the author of Reasons to Say WOW!!! A Celebration of Life’s Simple Pleasures, and has authored many published articles on employee retention and related topics. She is excited to hear about what has worked for you—and what hasn’t—in keeping employees. You can reach her by email at barb@moralebuilders.com or visit her website at www.moralebuilders.com. Janice Berry is a consultant and writer who helps clients communicate with their employees, customers, and prospective customers. Her areas of expertise include workplace trends and relationships, personal innovation, marketing communications, and software-related issues. An avid volunteer who motivates other volunteers, she is also the mother of two children, who never stop teaching her about the importance of respect. Janice can be reached by email at janice@kjsl.com.

How to Use This Book
This Fifty-Minute™ Series Book is a unique, user-friendly product. As you read through the material, you will quickly experience the interactive nature of the book. There are numerous exercises, real-world case studies, and examples that invite your opinion, as well as checklists, tips, and concise summaries that reinforce your understanding of the concepts presented. A Crisp Learning Fifty-Minute™ Book can be used in variety of ways. Individual selfstudy is one of the most common. However, many organizations use Fifty-Minute books for pre-study before a classroom training session. Other organizations use the books as a part of a system-wide learning program—supported by video and other media based on the content in the books. Still others work with Crisp Learning to customize the material to meet their specific needs and reflect their culture. Regardless of how this book is used, we hope you will join the more than 20 million satisfied learners worldwide who have completed a Fifty-Minute Book.


To the Reader
Congratulations on investing in the future of your business and your employees! Did you know that more than 60% of people define themselves by their jobs? When people are introduced, the first question often asked is, “So what do you do?” It is no surprise that when employees don’t feel valued in the workplace, it affects the core of their being. When you delve deeper into the issue of keeping your...
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