2nd Order Vanity

Topics: Minimum wage, Emotional insecurity, Shower Pages: 2 (816 words) Published: April 23, 2013
2nd Order Vanity
Rick Vigorous is a very jealous finance and pays his therapist, Dr.Jay, to find out everything Lenore thinks. Rick believes this is helping him in his relationship but it’s actually causing conflict and loss of money. This is the typical case of jealousy doing more harm than good. Rick and Lenore are engaged. Rick is 18 years older than Lenore, is divorced, has a son, and is also CEO of Frequent and Vigorous, where Lenore also works. The two met at Dr. Jays. Rick is extremely jealous of Lenore and believes that any unmarried man is a threat to his relationship. Rick continues to see Dr. Jay because he tells him everything Lenore confides in him. Rick is so obsessed that when Lenore doesn’t immediately show up for work he writes in his journal, “Lenore, come to work, where I am, remove yourself from the shower and come to work now…”(32). The weirdest part of all is that when Lenore isn’t sleeping in the bed with Rick, Rick will have a dream about sexually pleasuring Queen Victoria with a tortoise shell hairbrush. Rick suffers greatly from second order vanity. “A second order vain person will sit up late learning jokes in order to appear funny and charming, but will deny that he sits up late learning jokes. Or he’ll perhaps even try to give the impression that he doesn’t regard himself as funny at all”. Rick may not try to be funny but, he will use Dr. Jay to get info on Lenore and then try giving the opposite impression that he is simply using Dr. Jay for professional help. Rick attempts to hide his obsession with Lenore from her. Even when Lenore gets suspicious of Dr. Jay and Rick working as a team, Dr. Jay goes so far as to lie for Rick and deny the accusation. He also writes about trying to have sex with one of Lenore’s shoes… “I will confess that I, once in a moment of admittedly irresponsible degeneracy, tried to make love to one of the shoes, a 1989 All-Star high-top, when Lenore was in the shower but failed to be able to bring the...
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