2g Modernization for Telecom Operator

Topics: Total cost of ownership, 3G, 2G Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Technology Modernization from 2G to 3G for Telecom Operator


Preliminary outline

Battling sluggish subscriber growth, declining ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) and stagnant revenues, operators have been increasingly looking to 3G for continued momentum to catalyze future growth across the entire telecom sector.

The main purpose of the report are :-
- Bottleneck in existing technology : Learn how to maximize the ARPU that is currently dropping tremendously in 2G revenue - Business Developing : To create new service that can run on 3G for revenue generating ROI - Operational efficiency: Total cost of ownership model (TCO) for migrating to 3G technology instead of legacy 2G system. - Technology Management/Handover : EOT model (establish, operate and transfer) for new technology to an operator

The study sources consist of mainly 3 factors, it cover from operator annual report, discussion with telecom vendor, and third party consulting report. Of course some non written method can be obtained by interviewing / observing the telecom operator which is involved in the migration.

Expected Results:
Operator has to do network modernization as soon as possible not only maintaining the old revenue but also generating new income for them.

- Leave blank for now -

Keywords: write 3-5 keywords to identify your report area(s) e.g. Performance Management, Planned Change Model, Leadership

Below is an example of references section for you to follow when writing the complete report. Find at least 12 references for individual report and 20 references for group report. * References

Alasaarela, E., Nemana, R. and Demello, S. (2009). Drivers and Challenges of Wireless Solutions in Future Healthcare. Computer Information Science, 19-24. Michael, S. (2011). Application of Smartphone Technology in the Management and Treatment of Mental Illnesses Master of Public Health,...
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