27 Amendments

The 27 Amendments to the Constitution have had a profound impact on our country. Although all of the Amendments have had a direct effect on the citizens of the United States, there are three amendments that stand out above all of the others due to their impact and significance. The three amendments to the Constitution that I think are the most important to the American people are Amendments one, two, and four. #1 Freedom of Speech is to help people speak and write freely without any punishment. #2 Right to Bear Arms is to be able to have possession of a gun. #4 Searches and Seizures is to help protect people and their families from invasion of privacy. These Amendments to the US Constitution clearly protect Americans’ rights and freedoms in our society today.

For my first amendment I chose amendment #1 Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech means many people can speak and write freely without any consequences or punishment. One reason we have Freedom of Speech is so people can express their own ideas and opinions without being censored. Another reason is so journalists can report everyday news without any restrictions. Lastly, authors write their own novels from their point of view and real life experiences for non-fiction novels. Authors are able to share their own opinions with people who choose to read their novels.

For my second amendment I chose amendment #2 Right to Bear Arms. The Right to Bear Arms means that you are able to own and carry firearms with you. One reason we have the right to bear arms is to protect yourself from getting hurt, robbed, or mugged. Secondly, it is to protect your family and loved ones. The final reason is to protect your belongings and valuables such as money, jewelry, and your home.

The last amendment that I picked was amendment #4 Searches and Seizures. Searches and Seizures protects people and their families from invasion of privacy. One reason we have this amendment is so it stops the police from...
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