20th Century Belonged to Canda

Topics: Canada, World War I, World War II Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: January 23, 2011
At the start of the 20th century, Wilfred Laurier stated “ the next hundreds years would belong to Canada.” Your job as a historian is to decide whether that statement was true.

When Wilfred Laurier said that the 20th Century would belong to Canada, I believe he meant, that the 20th century will be a year of great prosperity for Canada. Also that Canada will shine, and stand out as a country, and a fighting force.

The 20th century belonged to Canada

On January 18, 1904 Prime Minister of Canada, Wilfred Laurier stated that “the next hundred years would belong to Canada. What I believe Wilfred Laurier meant by that is that the 20th century will be a century of great prosperity for Canada, and that Canada will shine as a country, and a fighting force. During World War 1 on April 22nd-24th 1915, was the start of The Battle of Ypres. The Battle of Ypres took place near Ypres, Belgium. Germans released 5700 cylinders of chlorine gas. The green toxic chlorine gas was heavier then air, and settled in the trenches, forcing them out of then trenches. This was the first time the Germans have used chlorine gas, the gas exposed Canadian soldiers, and resulted in an artillery warfare. Canadians had to breathe threw rags and cloths that have been urinated on, to ensure they avoided breathing in the gas. The first night Canadians launched a counter attack to drive Germans out of Kitchener Woos near St. Julien. Canadians cleared the woods, but had to stop. 2 days later, Germans attacked Canadian lines at St. Julien again using chlorine gas. Canadians held their ground until reinforcements showed up. The Battle of Ypres is significant to Wilfred Laurier's statement, because this battle marked a state of growth/prosperity in Canada as a country, and a fighting force. More then 2000 Canadian dies, ad 16000 wounded. However it was Canada's first appearance on European battlefield. The battle of Ypres established Canada's reputations as a fighting force, and proved...
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