2.1: Balancing a Safe and Challenging Environment

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Box 4

|2.1: Balancing a safe and challenging environment | |importance of challenge | |age appropriate activities | |concept of minimising risk and that it may not always be possible to eliminate all risk | |importance of supporting children to recognise hazards |

Nursery’s playground:

The nursery playground is design to stimulate different stages of development following the EYFS framework. Our playground was inspired for the use of children between the ages of 1 to 5 years old.

I will start with area 1 The Playhouse here this an area where children will be able to play and use their imagination and interact with others, in their we have a small home corner with a small kitchen where they can let their imagination take place, they also do role playing e.g. mommies and daddies and socializing, we link this area with personal, social, emotional and creative development. This is an area suitable for every child in the nursery.

In area 2 Sand Box, this area is suitable to everyone but with children between 1 to 3 supervision must be required at this stage children at very intrigue and the like to put things in their mouths so it is crucial to teach them how to play with sand instead of putting it in their mouth. For children between 3 to 5 years old they like to play with sand to build, pretend they are cooking or modelling thing out. The tools that we use in this area are: buckets, plastic spades/spoons, clear plastic containers of various shapes and sizes, watering can, jugs, cups and modelling tools. The EYFS areas that we covered with this outdoor activity are: Physical, mathematical, Knowledge...
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