1st Person Narrative

Topics: First-person narrative, Fiction, Mohsin Hamid Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: April 13, 2013
at‘Despite the use of the first person narrative in The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez remains a stranger to us in the novel.’ Do you agree?

In the novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Mohsin Hamid has used the first person narrative to let Changez tells the reader a story. We are shown the way that first person narrative only tells one side of the story, in this case, it is only Changez telling the story and speaking for the American and this creates the reader with no other perspectives of the events. Although it is an unreliable way to process information, the reader is able to understand events that have occurred in Changez life. First person narrative allows Changez to voice his outlook of events in the novel, we can understand in depth the reason behind Changez attitude towards certain situations. Hamid creates the novel with the reader living as if they are Changez, causing the reader to feel sympathy. For these reasons it is clear that Changez is not remained as a stranger to us in the novel and we do find a lot out about him and his personal life.

Hamid has chosen to write the novel using first person narrative and in doing this there are a number of effects, the first of that is the fact that we, as the reader, can only receive one side of the story. Changez is in a conversation with an American for the whole book, saying things such as, “You find me crass for revealing such intimacies to you, a stranger?” and “you prefer that seat, with your back so close to the wall” this illustrates the way that Changez in the novel simply interprets what the American says to him and his actions he takes throughout the novel. Of course the way that this is done, using the first person narrative, only shows us Changez perspective and doesn’t show how other characters feel and what they really think, we only get the events happening from the way Changez portrays it to us, as the reader. s

Although there is the effect of only getting one side of the story, in...
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