1996 Lijiang Earthquake

Topics: Yunnan, Earthquake, The Earthquake in Chile Pages: 3 (959 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Concept Paper: The 1996 Lijiang Earthquake

Lijiang is a prefecture-level city located northwest in the province of Yunnan, People’s Republic of China. It has a population of about 1.2M as of the 2010 census. The Old City of Lijiang is not so famous unlike the other well-known cities in China like Beijing, Shanghai, or Macau, but this city is known for having earthquakes throughout years. There have been around three to four recorded earthquakes in Lijiang and the one that I am going to talk about is the 1996 Lijiang Earthquake, which has the highest intensity on the record. It happened on the day that I was born…

When you watch the news and you get informed about an earthquake that has happened somewhere, the intensity of that specific earthquake is always mentioned. Some video clips of the effects of that intensity are shown as well. For example, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3 is enough to shake you and everything around you. Just imagine having an earthquake with a magnitude of 7. That is the intensity of the catastrophe that had happened in Lijiang, the one that I am talking about. Do you know the movie Twister? Yes, it’s about twisters.

For sure it had shaken the whole city and some of the places outside its perimeter. A magnitude-7 earthquake is enough to bring down buildings and other structures without a very sturdy foundation. The people only had a few minutes to hide in safer places like underneath a table – a very sturdy and heavy duty table – to protect you from furniture or other things in your house that might fall upon you. Another is to not be panic; a lot of people forget this and panicking is their first instincts. You can also go outside of your house and avoid being close to walls; you must go to an open field (and as much as possible, make sure that the ground beneath you would not break and eat you alive). These are just some of the SOP’s during earthquake encounters.

The report that I did about the 1996 Lijiang...
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