1984. Novel George Orwell

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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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Through out historical manipulation many governments have tried to control citizens through many different ways. Furthermore, none of those civilizations have came close to the amount of control that the government had over its’ people in George Orwell’s 1984 . The technique that the government used were psychological manipulation over people .The government or the Big Brother bombards the citizens of Oceana with rules and regulations that cause the people to be anti-individualistic.The people are made to follow the laws in order to avoid the harsh penalties for not following the law. A crime which is commonly commmited is thought crime . A thought crime was any thought that is found in Big Brother’s ideology. Not only does this control the people all over through the people’s actual thoughts (psychological manipulation) but it also dictates them physically through how Big Brother determines if someone is committing the crime of thought .The government determines the crime of thought by having cameras every where in the city so that the big brother is allways aware of psychological changes in the citizens ,so its that when Big Brother is Watching You the government is able to control the changes psychology of poeple .

In this novel George Orwell show that how the government uses brainwashing as a technique to make people follow their development as like ''Two Minutes of Hate'' where in this novel the government uses technology like the speakers and telescreens to convey message and its aired for two minutes throught the city and in every home. The ''Two Minutes of Hate'' is a great strategy to brainwash people easlly and its a great way to control psychology by manipulating peoples thinking by the way the rulers want. As winstons job is to rewrite historical documents ,winston realises the changes that the government by using people's weakness which psychological manipulation technipue to control peoples thinking like everywere there are signs ''Big...
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