1984 Analysis - with Danish Comments from Teacher

Topics: Mind, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Thought Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Modernism is a recent important stepping-stone for the artistic world. It began in the 1900’s, and lasted until around the 70’s. This historic period, was mainly defined by the many controversies which the different developing societies all had to face. The consequences of such things, as rapidly-developing technology and the two world wars, new controversial ideologies started to rise. These new ways of thinking, brought new ways of writing, which is today known as modernism. The novel ‘’1984’’, reflects many literary features and themes, that are very characteristic to modernism. In this analysis, I will compare the typical criteria that describes a modernistic novel and compare them with the novel 1984. ‘’1984’’ is a dystopian science-fiction novel written in 1949 by George Orwell. The story revolves around the character Winston, who lives in London. England’s society has turned into, a heavily dictated and tyranised society. The society is controlled by the inner elite of the main political socialistic ideology ‘’the party’’. Winston, however, is too tempted by the idea of freedom, and therefore starts an affair with a ‘’sister’’ of the party. They are eventually caught by the highly advanced authorities in the form of thought police and is forced into loving the leader of the party ‘’Big brother’.’ It is never discovered, if ‘’Big brother’’ is real or not. The relationship between the individual and the society in ‘’1984’’ is very common for the modernistic novel. In modernistic novels, the individual is often represented as the main character. The individual is opposed to society and the conservative ways of it. The relationship between the individual and the society is very distant in 1984. The only information the public gets is through the party’s inner elite spoken out on a tele-screen. Orwell does not, however, criticize old and conservative values which were often done in modernism. Instead a dire concern is expressed, of the new...
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