1967 Six Day War

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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Assess the consequences of the 1967 (Six Day) War for Arab–Israeli relations On the 23rd May 1967, the Israelis declared war on the Arabs due to the blocking of the straits to Israeli shipping. The 1967 Six Day War had a major impact on Arab-Israeli relations. This is due to Israel gaining control over the occupied territories, large increases of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories, the increase of Israeli military in the Middle East. The Israeli occupation of Arab territories had a large impact on Arab-Israeli relations. Through the dominancy of the Israeli army during the Six Day War, they were able to capture the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip from Egypt, East Jerusalem, the West Bank from Jordon and the Golan Heights from Syria. In addition, Israel controlled the Sharm el-Sheik and the Gulf of Aqaba. This was significant as Israel stopped Jordanian ships from entering the Red Sea and closed the Gulf of Aqaba to Arab shipping increasing the tensions between Israel and its neighbouring Arab States. In November 1967, UN Resolution 242 called for ‘the withdrawal of Israeli armed forces from the territories occupied in the recent conflict’ and the right of all countries ‘to live in peace with secure and recognised boundaries’. Even though, UN Resolution 242 favoured both parties, the Arabs did not regain their territories as Israel debated the resolution did not specify the withdrawal from all territories and they claimed that the Occupied Territories were vital to its security. However, Israel did emphasis the second measure of the resolution claiming their right to exist, but the Arabs ignored it implying that Israel would first have to withdraw from the occupied territories. By both Arabs and Israelis not accepting UN resolution 242 and the continual Israeli control over the occupied territories, the tension between Arab-Israeli relations had increased. Also, the large increases of Jewish settlement into the Occupied Territories had a major impact...
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