Topics: China, Chinese language, Han Chinese Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: January 23, 2013
As the eighth grade starts and sets off the second year of learning Chinese for me, I’m really excited to learn more about the culture of China and the language. This year, I would love to focus my learning on speaking and writing. Well, I guess speaking, especially, since I really want to be able to speak fluently with a Chinese person without having any problems someday. And I like speaking the language more than writing it, to be honest! :P But don’t worry, I still don’t mind writing the characters that much, it’s just that I like speaking it more; I find it more fun when I’m speaking it rather than writing it. So generally speaking, I just want to learn to talk in more detail about certain subjects in conversations. I also took Chinese classes over the summer everyday, for thirty minutes each day over Skype with a Chinese teacher. I did it through a program where you can learn Chinese over Skype by talking with a Chinese teacher, learning new Chinese grammar and words using a Chinese book, like the one we use at school. I didn’t use the exact same book as the one we use at school, though. But anyways, I found those classes to be pretty enjoyable over all, so that was good. I feel as though I spent a great summer in terms of not forgetting the Chinese language, and learning some more of it! J Well, so that’s pretty much it- I really look forward to learning how to speak and write in Chinese more, and I’m very excited for the upcoming classes!!

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