12 O'Clock High - Summary

Topics: World War II, Nazism, Adolf Hitler Pages: 2 (703 words) Published: October 26, 2012

In the film it exemplifies “vicious modernism” throughout it, but to start in the first scene where it appears the aircrafts had flew in from war and there were injured men, one on board and one they lost in war. Because of Germany representing that they are a powerful group of people they have means to want to destroy the U.S Army Air Forces. In the film also expressed “totalitarian dictatorship” on Germany’s end, they had one political centralized ruler, meaning they were tightly held under control of one political party. The 918 Bomb Group was also under “totalitarian dictatorship”; they’re leadership was under Colonial Davenport at one point and then when he was sat down, Genera Frank Savage became they’re leader.

In the film also pointed out examples of “total war” where you see how the United States bombed Germany in the daytime and used weapons of mass destruction. I found where when the 918 Bomb Group used their ammunition to take out German aircrafts exemplified “weapons of mass destruction “and vice versa when Germany also too used their ammunition to take out U.S. aircrafts and both having the will to use them.

“Impacts of modernism” are also present throughout the film, where “atomized “ people such as General Savage acted as if they were not in the same warfare , group or family(918 Bomb Group) . The way he spoke to the men and constantly put them down, one might have thought that they were enemies or complete strangers, however though; later in the film examples of “mechanization of the mind” revealed itself with him. He began to look at his inner self and learn to appreciate the men, learn that they were human and it was only so much they take and do. He built their confidence as well, but he learned a better way at doing it.

“Dictatorship and war”, we learn the two are close in relationship and was also exemplified in the film. “Totalitarian dictatorship” is where the 918 Bomb Group was required to attack Germany...
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