10 Points About Victorian Era

Topics: Victoria of the United Kingdom, British Empire, Victorian era Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: February 14, 2013
* The Victorian era in Britain was not democratic. The British did not practice modern democracy yet. * Britain was a 'class' society and the upper class (the rich, those with landed estates and titles) still ran everything. * So 'class' was important. Birth order was important because titles, estates, family fortunes in Britain would only go to the first born with the others in the birth order getting far less depending on their place in the order or nothing. * Legitimacy was important for inheritance and for family 'honor' to be born to unmarried parents being considered morally and legally wrong and a life long 'black mark' for the person.  * Parentage/ family heritage was important for the upper class and the middle class that imitated them, for the purpose of inheriting aristocratic titles and estates and due to the racism of the times (the more British (i.e. white) your background the better). * Gender was important because the period (the 1800's) was still one where men were expected to be in charge, women did not vote, and often had 2nd class rights * Christening was important because it was considered 'proper' by society, necessary for a 'gentlemen' or 'lady'. * Nineteenth century Victorian England was marked by increasing industrialism, where time was money and efficiency became increasingly important’ * England had traditionally been composed of a rigid class based society, with land owners and workers being quite distinct. With the coming of industrialization and the formalization of a social economy, Queen Victoria ensured that the evolution to a modern society, in part defined by a democratized economy and relatively equal access to success, was nurtured under her rule. * Victoria took an active involvement in the affairs of state, and was far from being a figurehead as queen. She strongly believed that Britain should rule much of the world as an empire and she worked with two prime ministers to achieve this – Benjamin...
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