1. What Are the Main Elements (Parties, Laws, Processes) of the Industrial Relations System of Your Allocated Country?

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United States

1. What are the main elements (parties, laws, processes) of the industrial relations system of your allocated country?

Within in the United States primarily the industrial relations system in the fast food industry, one of the main elements of the industrial relations system is:

* Union labor laws, (Right-to work, job security, regulation of wages, benefits and working conditions).

* “at-will employment”- term defined by employers hiring only casual staffing with no full timers or part timers in order to lower costs of long-term staffing (i.e. Vacation leave), and maintaining the ability to dismiss staff at any point in time, with no reasoning behind it.

* Parties involved- as franchisees primarily take 70% ownership within the fast food industry of the United States, the parties involved in the industry include; franchisors (Mc Donald’s Corporation, Tricon Global Corporation), Individual Franchise owners, and employees (2.5 million fast food employees within the United State alone). Germany

1. What are the main elements (parties, laws, processes) of the industrial relations system of your allocated country?

* Germany’s industrial relations system is one of the most important factors of the German economy. * Industrial Relations in Germany are highly praised for “its containment ability of industrial conflict and for promoting a cooperative and highly skilled workforce.” * Germany’s industrial relations system provides workers “with statutory rights to representation through work councils at the workplace, and through supervisory boards at boardroom level in larger firms.“ * Their Industrial relations system is highly juridified, by “providing a clear framework of rights and responsibilities for both management and employees.” * Germany’s Industrial Relations system employs collective bargaining at sector level for large Multi-national organizations. *
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