#1 Cause of Children Obesity: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Hypertension Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: October 7, 2012
#1 Cause of Children Obesity: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods
John Lewis Davis
DeVry University

#1 Cause of Children Obesity: Marketing of Unhealthy Foods “Daddy, there it is… please stop,” my kids yell and scream from the back seat of the car as we pass by the signature golden arches of McDonalds. My children recognize the golden arches, the leprechaun on Lucky Charms cereal, and all the characters from Tinkerbell, to Dora to Scooby Doo on all the boxes of fruit snacks. Yet no one is screaming for a stick of cheese, an apple, or a banana at snack time. It’s amazing really, that foods loaded with extra calories, sugar, and fat have a colorful, fun friend attached to enhance their marketing and foods that are healthier like milk, cheese, bread and chicken do not. Everywhere you look from TV, billboards, to creative packaging unhealthy foods are being pushed to our young consumers in an irresistible manner. The US rate for childhood obesity and health issue is at an all-time high and yet we wonder why. The Marketing of unhealthy food to children, has led to the overwhelming health issues in the lives of our present generations. The creative presentation of sugar loaded, calorie laden and salt ridden snacks makes it nearly impossible for parents to offer healthier snacks to their children or to fight obesity with healthier living, therefore leading to the health issues.

The advertising of unhealthy foods makes it difficult for parents to encourage healthy eating to children and leads to the obesity of the youth. Unhealthy fast food is posted all over the place and it is designed to grab the attention of the consumer on all levels. In the majority of cases it’s cheap, fast, and convenient and the packaging and presentation makes it almost impossible to say no. There are very few advertisements that focus on healthy choices for kids. I disagree, that the marketing of unhealthy foods makes it impossible for parents to present other alternatives. I do believe...
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