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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Level Three and Four Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment

Unit 1: Understanding the principles and practices of assessment – Indicative Content This unit is for those who wish to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of assessment before they begin to practically assess where their job role does not require them to assess. Title Understanding the principles and practices of assessment – This is a knowledge based unit which gives anyone who is interested in or needs to know about assessment and quality assurance the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the roles involved in this area of learning and development.

Scope of the unit Those who undertake this unit will have a better understanding of the function of assessment and will be able to weigh up the appropriateness of different types of assessment methods, so that assessment plans that are responsive to different learner needs and delivery contexts are developed and used. A key focus of the unit is to involve the learners in the assessment process so they see it as an integral part of their learning experience. The unit emphasises the key role of being able to make assessment decisions that are based on assessment criteria. Those in the role of assessor need to appreciate the fundamental need to provide appropriate feedback to the learner along with data relating to learners’ progress towards achievement. To further appreciate how assessment practice and quality assurance are inextricably linked, assessors will contribute to accurate record keeping and ensure that they meet legal, equality and good practice requirements in relation to assessment. Level 3 Credit Value 3

Level Three and Four Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment

Learning outcomes The learner will: 1. Understand the principles and requirements of assessment

Assessment criteria The learner can: 1.1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development (Give a general overview picking up points about the different types of qualifications that make up the QCF and that the assessment strategy is what defines them. NB unaccredited learning - still important to set aims and objectives and an assessment plan to ascertain whether these have been realised. Could be session objectives or learner objectives, whole group or individual).

Indicative content

Measurement and recording of achievement; judgements as to whether knowledge has been gained, skills been performed or attitudes developed/changed, how identification of individual learners’ needs takes place, usage of formative or summative assessment strategies; fit-for-purpose that reflect required standards and assessment criteria, importance of monitoring development, evidence for performance review/targets/benchmarking, contributing to quality assurance, development of best practice. Who is it for – the learner/trainer/assessor/ organisation/employer, assessment as a part of the learning/training cycle/assessment cycle, for example to recognise prior learning, to identify specific assessment requirements, assessment of specific learning domains. Psychomotor/Cognitive/Affective – skills, knowledge or understanding, • valid: does it assess what is in the syllabus? • authentic: is the evidence genuinely the work of the learner? • current: can the learner’s skills and knowledge be demonstrated now to the current standards? • sufficient: is there enough to cover all the requirements

1.2. Define the key concepts and principles of assessment

Level Three and Four Awards and Certificates in Assessment and Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment

of the syllabus? reliable: are the assessment decisions currently being made consistent with those made during past assessment opportunities or by other assessors? Fair and inclusive: are the assessment activities equitable.

1.3. Explain the responsibilities of the...
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