08.04 Depression and Fascism

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Tayva D. Caruth
World History
08.04 Depression and Fascism
1. Describe the political views of Vladimir Lenin.
2. What did Lenin promise the people of Russia in order to gain their support for the revolution? In order to gain the people of Russia’s support Lenin promised them three things. He promised to withdraw the country of Russia from war, to give land to the peasants, and he promised to give the workers and The Soviets control over the factories. 3. How did Lenin gain control of Russia between 1918-1921?

Lenin gained control of Russia between 1918-1921 by keeping some of his promise. Lenin signed the Brest-Litovsk Treaty which resulted in Russia being pulled from the war and gave up a lot of Russia’s resources. Later came the Russian civil war which was between the Reds and the Whites. The Reds fought to provide everyone with land and The White fought to put the country under tsars rule once again. The reds eventually won in 1921. This civil war took a toll on Russia’s economy. While the war was going on, Lenin commenced War Communism. Under War Communism, the state detained most of the factories. 4. Describe life in Russia under Stalin in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The Stalin period witnessed crusades against Jews and non-Russians. Writers and artists who dared to claim that Russian writers and cultural figures of the past had learned from the West were ridiculed. Russian chauvinism took over, and anything that was worth inventing was claimed to have been invented by a Russian.

5. What were the causes of the Great Depression?
The main cause for the Great Depression was the combination of the greatly unequal distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's, and the extensive stock market speculation that took place during that same decade. The mal-distribution of wealth in the 1920's existed on many levels. Money was distributed disparately between the rich and the middle-class, between industry and agriculture within the United States, and...
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