01.05 Jonathan Edwards

Topics: Persuasion, Christianity, Threshing Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: May 19, 2013
1.Explain the mood of this passage.
The mood of this passage is serious and persuasive.
2.Using specific examples, give one example of a metaphor, one example of a simile, and one example of an allusion that Edwards uses in this passage from the sermon to elicit this particular mood. •Metaphor: In the sermon the metaphor of ‘flames of wrath’ describes Hell in the italicized passage. •Simile: "Consider the fearful danger you are in; it is a great furnace of wrath, a wide and bottomless pit, full of the fire of wrath, that you are held over in the hand of that God, whose wrath is provoked and incensed as much against you, as against many of the damned in Hell.” •Allusion: “The sovereign pleasure of God, for the present, stays his rough wind; otherwise it would come like a whirlwind, and you would be like the chaff of the summer threshing floor." 3.What specific words (minimum of three) does he choose to make his tone clear? •Fearful, Damned, Sovereign, Threshing all create a clear vision of his passage 4.What images (pictures in the listeners' mind) does Edwards use in the passage to make his tone clear? What effect do those images have on establishing the tone of the piece? •Edwards use different words to influence his tone; creating an ear to not only listen but a clear image that his listeners see and want. The serious mood makes you take a moment to logically consider what he is saying; furthermore persuading his audience to agree and join him. 5.In the last two paragraphs of the sermon (refer to the Investigate page of this lesson) Edwards talks about an "extraordinary opportunity" his congregation has. What is this opportunity? How does his sermon persuade the congregation to take advantage of this opportunity? •The opportunity Edwards is referring to is testing your faith and taking full advantage of what God has instore for you. His sermon is about living in a dreadful world where it is acceptable to sin; His whole idea is to bring an end...
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