'Animals Can Be Used in Medical Research, Because Humans Are More Important Than Animals.' Discuss.

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'Animals can be used in medical research, because humans are more important than animals.' Discuss.
There are many different viewpoints on the topic of animal testing. Some people believe that animals are meant to be below human beings, and are therefore it is acceptable to test on animals. This view can be, and is quite commonly, taken by Christians for several reasons. On the other hand, some people may say that it is the humans' job to look after the animal, which would result in the fact that we should not test chemicals on them.

One major viewpoint used against the testing and medical research on animals is the fact that God made us too look after the animals as we rule over them. This viewpoint can be taken by Christians as there are many points in the Bible which suggest that, although animals and humans are not equal, animals still have some basic rights. It says in the creation story that God created animals and people on the same day (6). The story also backs up this point directly by talking about how, 'he blessed them and gave them every creature and the whole earth to rule over, care for, and cultivate.' This would suggest that God indented animals to be cared for by humans; this clearly does not mean they should be tested on for medical research. God doesn't see man and animal as equal, as man must rule over and cultivate animals, however, he sees animals as pets to the humans, which must be cared for and looked after.

Another major viewpoint which is used against medical research on animals is that Cod cared for all of his creations. There was at no point in the story of the creation where God created something and was not pleased. He was pleased with all his creations, suggesting that God does not choose to dislike animals and prefer if humans were to use them as test dummies. Six times throughout the creation God stops and observes what he has done over the 'day'. This shows that God has made you, is pleased with you, and everything is of...
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