D.H Lawrence - Vin Ordinaire

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Analyse de textes littéraires anglais

« Vin ordinaire – D.H Lawrence »
INTRODUCTION : In a short story, details are very important. Everything must be explained. The reader needs to go line by line like a fine tooth comb. Focus on the details and the meaning of them. We have to read with a dictionary and prove our justifications with evidences in the text and biography. Literature is also an art; it wakes up our imagination and emotions. THE TITLE:

Vin Ordinaire or Thorn in the flesh reminds of a religious background, a biblical symbolic, reminds of the Christ, the crucification. Perhaps the crucification by the society. There is a symbol of allegory. (expression d’une idée par une autre.) Bachmann is a 20th century Christ like personage suffering from the crucification of society. It seems to be without sense, there is an exotism from the French, a defamiliarization. It catches the curiosity of the reader. It’s also a cold drink for the average men, symbol of fate and destiny that he has to swallow. D.H LAWRENCE (1885 – 1930):

Lawrence is an author/writer who manipulates words to share ideas and emotions. Details are very important in his writing. Biography is a potential and hypothetical source. In this case it is significant. Lawrence’s texts exceed his life. Texts exceed biography, it makes then interesting. Biography is not sufficient but is useful. He wrote this short story and made a brief strong impression. He’s a visionary; he is interested in the First World War and the political and social changes that he’s living in. He was isolated and a visionary figure. He knew the ww1. Social class, the stereotypical roles attributed to men and women. Where to find inspiration/values in a world that’s falling apart? A world whose values and structures were fast changing and put into question. Materialism, old class structure, industrialization. The individuals were erased from society. They became blurred. Individuals vs group. He was aware that his world was crumbling, searching for new ‘values’. He felt the pressure of the group, the society. He was an outsider. Classes were not supposed to mix. He comes from a working class background. His father was from a working class background and his mother the middle class. He got a higher education than most men in the working class. He was very interested in love relationships between genders (men and women, women and women and men and men.) Sex was a taboo in his time; he’s one of the first to write about sex, to explore that world. Why? Because religion was failing. Religion did not prevent the WW1, nor the inequalities. Not allowing the individuals. Sex was seen as an essential energy. Nature also plays a big part in his writing, at least in this short story. He ran away with the wife of his german teacher, they got married and lived together. He left Christianity (being with a woman without being married). He was an aloner, not conformal to the stereotypes and rules of the church. NATURE : Just in one line, we already have a detailed picture of nature, we have the impression that nature is more alive than the living characters. Humans are compared to nature (bears) = not a very nice description of men. Feeling of a natural universe. There’s contrast between the nature and the human. Once more, the nature is ascending and the humans are trying to elevate themselves (climbing the mountain) but they fail. Image of war “green bladed flowers”. Nature gets contaminated by society in a negative way; “wrecked airplanes” = negative image of war. The industrial is overtaking the organic. The dirty language corrupts the human being and brings him down to a lower level. BACHMANN : It is the Prussian (German) army in France. Bachmann is a german name. Bach is in german “broek”, which is a small river. This gives us “the man of the river” or “the man crossing the river”. His name symbolizes a metaphoric crossing from one side to another. Leaving one identity...
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