A Seperate Peace Abc List

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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Brenda Rodriguez
August 27, 2012
Brenda Rodriguez
August 27, 2012
A Separate Peace ABC List
A is for Author, who is John Knowles.
Athletics which Finny is best at.
B is for Blitzball: Finny invented the sport to copy what he believes it is like in the war. C is for Codependency: Finny depends on Gene to play sports and Gene depends on Finny to provide him an identity other than his own. D is for Devon School: Devon School is the setting of A Separate Piece. Denial: Gene tries his best to deny that he hurt Finny. Finny also denies the existence of the war as long as he can. E is for Envy: gene is envious of Gene’s athletic skills and personality. F is for Finny’s Fall: Finny’s fall is the climax of the novel and symbolizes a figurative fall from innocence. G is for

H is for
I is for Inner Enemy: Gene has an inner enemy that envies Finny and wants to hurt him. J is for
K is for
L is for
M is for Marble Staircase: The marble staircase is where Finny falls and breaks his leg for the second time. N is for Nature: Leper adored nature and enjoys looking at trees instead of using a ski lift. O is for

P is for Pink shirt: Finny’s pink shirt was a symbol of his patriotism and support of the war. Peace: The divide between peace and war is also representative of the gap between childhood and adulthood. Q is for

R is for Religion: Finny and Gene made sure to pray every night. S is for Summer Session: The summer session symbolizes innocence and youth. T is for Transformation: Finny is transformed from a healthy athlete to a cripple after his accident and then sets about transforming Gene into an athlete in his stead. U is for

V is for
W is for War: World War II symbolizes conflict and enemy.
Winter Session: The winter session is dark, disciplined, and filled with difficult work. X is for
Y is for
Z is for
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